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About Us

We were spun off from The Success-Full Corporation in 2004 as part of a reorganization strategy allowing us to weave our unique web of e-solutions. The Success-Full Corporation remained committed to servicing the strategic needs of its clients and eventually rebranded itself as StrategicIsite, one of our strategic partners.

With the large amounts of data being collected globally and the data science industry growing, we made a strategic decision in 2015 to delve into the data analytics sector. In 2016, we began realigning our resources and rebranding our firm into a data analytics solutions provider. Our decision to pivot was additionally driven by our experience in developing strategic management solutions, performance measurement tools, and database applications; the benefits of aligning with our strategic partners to deliver holistic solutions to our collective client base; and returning our founder to his career roots which began in data solutions for AT&T.

We are pleased with our strategic decision and have enjoyed being in the data analytics space. We look forward to having you as a client. Our team is comprised of innovative and creative technologists capable of producing customized data analytics solutions.