Professional Performance Management

Excellere (Latin) – “to be eminent; to excel; to rise; to surpass”

Welcome to Xcellere a Professional Performance Management (XPPM) web-based application, developed by eblackwidow (

XPPM is a framework and suite of tools to develop high-performing professionals. XPPM assists individuals with identifying and managing their professional development objectives and goals. XPPM provides personal and professional development planning, SMART goal management, online content, challenges (exams), and performance assessment tools.

XPPM is designed to develop learner's confidence through preparation, testing and assessment. To achieve optimal results, XPPM should be balanced with instructor-led and collaborative group learning. partners: Heuristic Learning, Strategos Academy, Sketched on a Napkin, and Coffee Cup Conversation. XPPM is aligned with their courses.

Enterprise & Education

Xcellere is delivered on a software as a service platform. We manage all of the technology requirements and user support allowing our clients to focus on their business. Xcellere is an excellent platform for organization of all sizes that have a need for talent development without the costs or requirement for dedicated resources. Clients have 3 options for utilizing Xcellere:

  • Use our course content and tests
  • Provide us with your course content and tests
  • Request us to develop customize content and tests


Xcellere is also an excellent application to complement instructor-led learning. Xcellere is also great for instructors to become more efficient and effective. Xcellere eliminates the need and labor for instructors to correct exams and learners can obtain immediate results. The data analytics provide instructors insight on learners performance segmented by course, group, individually, or other demographic attributes.

Independent Learners

Xcellere is an excellent application for self-directed learners who want to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities on particular subject matters. Learners can uxe Xcellere to complement their instructor-led learning. Learners have access to a private KNOG (knowledge blog) for collaborative learning.