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We respect your data

Diverse skills, solutions, and expertise

From collection to visualization

Data driven decision making

Let your data speak your truth

eblackwidow works with enterprises like yours to connect data to the right people to drive strategic decision making. We develop end-to-end data strategies to create a framework to engage your data in a truthful conversation.

From data modeling through data visualization, we provide data leadership that paves the way for our clients to transform insights into value-creation actions.

We design and develop analytical, interactive, paginated, and mobile reports using a variety of tools (Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Custom, etc.).

We design and develop analytical, statistical and predictive models.

We have assisted clients of all sizes across many industries. We understand and respect the value of data!

Web of integrated solutions

  • Data Assessment (Operational, Strategic)

  • Data Cleansing & Migration

  • Data Modeling, Database Design, Development

  • Data Profiling & Analysis

  • Analytics, Reporting, Dashboards

  • Performance Measurement Tools

  • Analytical, Statistical, Predictive Modeling



Data, Decisions, Direction

Strategies that are fueled by data driven decisions lead to better returns and deliver increased value to stakheholders. Research performed by Harvard and MIT both found that enterprises driven by data-based decision making had 4% to 5% higher productivity rates and 6% higher profits than their competitors.

Once your strategy and key performance indicators (KPIs) are defined (Visit our partner StrategicIsite) we work with you to implement your data strategy to ensure your organization is capturing and storing the appropriate data; using the appropriate analytical models, and distributing information to the appropriate decision-makers.

Data is the new currency. Like many enterprises, the IT staff is primarily consumed with maintaining the technology infrastructure leaving the business to resolve their own data challenges. Like currency, the value of data decreases over time so the business cannot wait for the data to be provided to them. The strategic and financial success of every enterprise depends on the availability of quality data. Stakeholders at every level need timely access to quality data, to be equipped with the proper tools, and provided the proper training to effectively retrieve, analyze, visualize your data.

We can assist you with developing a meaningful data infrastructure that delivers the information required for decision-making to acheive your team, department or enterprise strategic objectives. Contact Us.


Data Assessment

We analyze your data repositories and provide recommendations and solutions to align your data with your operational and strategic requirements.

Data Cleansing

We analyze your data repositories for inconsistent, inaccurate, absent, and irrelevant, data and work with you to make the necessary data modifications. We implement integrity rules as preventive measures to maintain data quality

Data Migration

We use a variety of (ETL) tools to migrate your data from its current repository to a new environment.

Data Modeling

We create data models to provide you with graphical views of your current or future data architecture.

Database Design & Development

We gather requirements from key stakeholders to design and developed your database to meet your enterprise needs.


A vision of a future event; to be. futuri is a web-based strategic management application used to manage the alignment of projects and resources with the enterprise's strategic objectives. Formerly named StrataTec.